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Competency Mapping

What tools do HR in your organization use to map competencies for a job? Ticking from a laundry list of competencies is what one should NOT do, and this is what most do. The price the organizations have to pay to undo such garbage - owing to such invalid, irrelevant, unreliable and irresponsible acts must be buried.

IIHRM will develop or certify the in-company HR team in Competency Development/Mapping techniques and help you mitigate the risk of a preventable corporate failings.

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HR Transformational Advisory/Consultancy

IIHRM undertake short to medium term in-company HR and Organizational Development centric transformational initiatives. The scope of such initiatives will cover, the complete HR Technical Profile touch-points, value engineering on HR cost structures and departmental configuration to facilitate business strategies and design and develop customized HR tools to transform the organization from Good to Great. The employee mind-set transformation includes in-depth psychometric and competency assessment and coaching of Senior Leaders and Management Groups.

IIHRM will employee tools with global validity, reliability and institutionalize the new HR and Organizational Development centric strategies and assist our clients drive real change to grow volume, share and profit.

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Recruiter Certification

How many recruiters are professionally trained in your business? Mitigate the risk of untrained recruiters making substandard recruitment decisions and selecting misfits resulting in mediocre performance at work.

A recruiter is an influential human touch-point, who resonates the organization's culture to all aspirants, your external customer. IIHRM will partner you in facilitating a two day in company workshop, and certify recruiters and institutionalize KPIs and KRAs to make recruiters accountable for the selection decisions they make. Recruiters will acquire competency based recruitment techniques to help them select the perfect fit.

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Assessment and Development Center Facilitation

Research dictate that Assessment Centers and Development Centers that employee multifaceted assessment tool criteria is the most valid predictor of on the job performance.

IIHRM is the local partner in Sri Lanka for the world's No: 01, human test battery and psychometric test provider. When valid and reliable tools with global benchmarks and norm groups are available at your finger-tips, why should one let highly subjective guess work, influence selection decisions - all responsible corporates should use modern technology to make informed people related decisions with a higher predictability index.

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Job Evaluation

Job evaluation is a complex process involving risk: You must: assess the levels of risk to your organisation, pro-actively. This is where it should start. Seek expert knowledge of how to build a job evaluation scheme If you lack the expertise to build a fair and non-discriminatory job evaluation scheme you must seek expert advice as it is HR technology driven. If you get it all wrong, not only will you get the incumbent fitment wrong, and this will trigger misfits in critical jobs - and the results can be mediocre.

IIHRM consultants can help you mitigate such risks.

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SOP & Policy Formulation

Management is a process. Go ask few managers the question: 'What are you Managing?' The answer in most cases will be their title i.e. the country/branch they manage etc. Know, blaming the managers is not the way to go, even you may have responded the same. Helping managers with tools, is the responsibility of the company leadership - Managers should know to respond objectively - i.e. 'I manage 12 Core Processors; 9 Sub Processors 6 customer touch-points and 5 policies'.

To respond in this manner each department should have documented, practical, user-friendly, valid, reliable and relevant SOPs. IIHRM will make it our business to set your company in motion.

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Develop KPIs, KRAs and SLAs

Key Performance Management drivers such as Key Result Areas (KRAs); Key Performance Indicators (KPIs); and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) etc are the cornerstones to build employee accountability to help transform an activity based business to be a RESULT driven entity.

Are you an activity focused business than results? This will be so if the KPIs are linked to activity and not linked to the end result. IIHRM tools will align the organization to make this important shift to be result driven.

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Succession Management Technique Mastery

The terms “succession management” and “succession planning” are often used interchangeably, but there’s a significant difference. Where traditional succession planning focuses on compiling a list of possible “replacements,” succession management looks to both identify and develop high-potential leaders who are capable of executing the corporate strategy.

Therefore, best-in-class succession management involves two key activities: tracking pivotal roles that are emerging as “resource pressure points,” and proactively sourcing and developing a strong talent pool of future leaders.

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Productivity Improvement Tool Certification

If the competition is doing more with less, then employee productivity may be an issue. Workers with low output indicate a serious problem within any organization, forcing companies to adapt innovative techniques to increase employee productivity.

IIHRM can partner not just to show, but to teach and certify internal employees as productivity improvement consultants, that can fuel process improvements each day and you will only be presently surprised with the value creation it churns from day one.

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Creating Generative Teams

In times of ceaseless change, organizations that do not adapt, and do not challenge the status quo, are in danger of irrelevancy. Differentiate or Die is the challenge. Only those who differentiate will survive - To do so, a mind-set transformation in people is paramount.

Engaging with IIHRM, experiencing outward and inward-bound centric, mind challenging tools will help employees discover themselves first, and thereinafter the journey of creating generative teams will begin. This is the uniqueness in partnering with IIHRM as we pocess the required diagnostic tools.

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In company Training Solutions

All training solutions are customized based on the client brief, with solution validation by an appointed expert advisory council. We are just a call away and we will send you a detail need identification tool and a meeting request; to determine the objectives.

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