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Thejaka M. Pinidiya




In the 90s Thejaka migrated to London to study Law. He read a Masters in Law prior to obtaining his professional qualifications. Thejaka is a Senior Solicitor admitted to the Supreme Court of England & Wales practicing civil law.

In London Thejaka has built a reputable practice working as a Consultant Solicitor specialising in Corporate Law. He also specialises in European Union Laws, Civil Liberties & Human Rights, European & UK Nationality Laws and Family Law.

He is currently a senior consultant to three leading firms in London, including a Legal500 corporate firm in the City of London.


In the early 90’s Thejaka was awarded a scholarship to read a Bachelors Degree in Psychology at Goa University. As part of his aptitude of his studies in Psychology, Thejaka explored the therapeutic effects of ‘behavioural expressions’ as a means to assist challenged children.


Whilst practising as a Consultant Solicitor, Thejaka conducted numerous training programmes and consultancies to firms of Solicitors and professional groups in London.

Since his arrival in Sri Lanka, Thejaka has been appointed to panels/faculties of reputable Corporate Training establishments such as Mcquire Rens & Jones to conduct numerous corporate training programmes open to the public and ‘in-house’ training to establishments. He has also been hired to conduct corporate training by Save the Children Fund-International, Women’s Chamber of Commerce Colombo, Employers Federation of Ceylon, Fingara Tennis Camp and numerous other organisations in and out of Colombo.

Thejaka has carried out corporate training in the UK, Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh.

Given Thejaka’s academic qualifications and professional experience, as above, his expertise in Training is divided into two categories.

  1. Legal & Risk Management perspectives - CORPORATE INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT:
  2. Behavioural & Psychological perspectives - PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT & TEAM LEADERSHIP:

Training Expertise

Legal & Risk Management Perspectives

  1. Risk Management methods in the corporate world.
  2. How to handle the media.
  3. Handling Corporate crisis situations - dos and don’ts.
  4. Advance business writing
    Analytical report writing, Project Planning, Presentations, Q&A methods, Research/Informative reports.
  5. Writing effective Policies & Procedures.
  6. Email etiquette & writing effective emails.
  7. Essentials to improve Presentation skills and public speaking.
  8. Dealing with foreign entities and jurisdictions.
  9. How to avoid international frauds and scams - systems in place.

Behavioural & Psychological perspectives

  1. Team/leadership building. (English & Sinhala)
  2. Developing your personality – should not be an imposition. (English & Sinhala
  3. Effective communication skills
  4. Strategic Problem Solving.
  5. Essential skills for new managers.
  6. Customer relationship building – what they didn’t teach in marketing school. (English & Sinhala)
  7. How to overcome negativity in the work place.
  8. Coping with ‘stress’.
  9. Importance of ‘Networking’ to boost Profits and Productivity.
  10. How to be an effective facilitator.
  11. Train the Trainer

Thejaka Pinidiya attended Royal College, Colombo, Sri Lanka from primary school through to A-levels in 1988. (1976 – 1988)