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Driving real change!

Our consultants continue to transform businesses across the seas, clocking over 250 client-specific projects with exposure in 27 countries in 4 continents. IIHRM helps businesses realize profitable business platforms that transform employee mind-set and corporate culture, while advocating a triple-bottom-line powered by the incredible human potential.

Partnership programs is our speciality

Partnership modules are tailor-made and offered as an uniquely-defined solution, where we design and implement company-wide or category-specific HRM and Organizational Developmental centric tools and modules. Our scope includes developing a strategic focus, mobilizing the organization for change, and building capabilities in people and systems in implementing the overall strategy.

As a catalyst of HRM and Organizational Development, IIHRM continues to reach and offer international benchmarks and helps its clients meaningfully translate these tools/initiatives into practical, implementable formulas which enhance their people and business in a way that keeps them abreast of the competition. Just call us and afford us the opportunity to show you how your business can make the most of a truly enterprising HR and OD model that should work wonders.

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Competency Mapping

Most organizations believe their HR is endowed with the armory to evaluate the competency levels of their employees. Ticking off a long list of competency charts will not only lead organizations to lose chunks off the bottom-line but the cascading ill-effects will continue to run deep unnoticed off the radar. The price the organizations have to pay to undo such garbage - owing to such invalid, irrelevant, unreliable and irresponsible acts must be buried.

Want to transform your business? Start Here!

IIHRM helps organizations transform one of the most misunderstood yet critical aspects of sound growth- an HR mandate on the cutting-edge. Our short to medium term in-organization transformational modules will present the key to an internal HR mechanism fine-tuned to maximize the human potential. The scope of such initiatives will cover, the complete HR Technical Profile, value engineering on HR cost structures.

Recruiter Certification

Want to stop square pegs in round holes?

Manpower and recruitment are the most burning issues for organization. Pull the plug on untrained recruiters bringing on board bad eggs. IIHRM’s world-class 2-day programme will certify your recruiters to develop an eagle eye for real talent and avoid the pitfalls most HR practitioners make.

Assessment and Development Center Facilitation

Heard of a human test battery?

There’s none more complex than evaluating the human efficiency on the job. Say good bye to guess work and let IIHRM guide you to human resource management using the world’s latest high-tech tools.



Good or bad; who is qualified to say if a job is well done?

Job evaluation puts your organization on a knife’s edge for the risks it brings. IIHRM can build you the perfect Job Evaluation Platform tailor-made to fit your organization’s unique needs.

Job evaluation is a complex process involving risk: You must: assess the levels of risk to your organisation, pro-actively. This is where it should start. Seek expert knowledge of how to build a job evaluation scheme If you lack the expertise to build a fair and non-discriminatory job evaluation scheme you must seek expert advice as it is HR technology driven. If you get it all wrong, not only will you get the incumbent fitment wrong, and this will trigger misfits in critical jobs - and the results can be mediocre. IIHRM consultants can help you mitigate such risks.


Attracting and retaining the best people requires a corporate culture that values mutual trust, respect and openness. Let us look after the cultural fitment side of your business allowing you to concentrate on your business; while we concentrate on your desired corporate culture transformation.

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